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The most amazing tips about garage doors! They are smart, short and practical! Quality content and still written in a simple way so that they can be understood by everybody. Find out more about garage doors and what you can do to maintain them and keep them with you for years.

Detecting worn out pulleys

Worn out pulleys are some of the most common garage door repair problems. It manifests as the difficulty of the door to smoothly open or close. To see if a door has pulley problems, the door has to be disengaged from the automatic or electric garage door opener first and be taken off the spring tension. There’s no problem if the wobble is only minimal.

Keeping your garage door mechanisms Gunk-Free

Your garage door hinges, tracks, belts, opener chains and gears need all the lubrication they can get because their main function requires them to rub and grind against other parts, most of which are metallic. Most oils and grease, while being effective lubricants, tend to attract dirt which eventually becomes gunk that clogs up the system. Use special garage door lubricant that's specifically created for the job.

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