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Emergency Services
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With proper garage door maintenance, the risk of unexpected issues is much lower. However, this does not mean that accidents can never happen. If you discover a broken spring or cable or a faulty motor, you should seek our emergency services right away. Our company is available to help you out in the fastest possible manner. Our technicians are fully equipped to resolve any problem right there and then. We work with absolutely all types of automated doors regardless of their design, make or brand.

Fast Professional Emergency Services of High Quality

Emergency ServicesThe modern galvanized torsion springs and their extension counterparts are made to be durable and to have a long cycle life. At the same time, since they are always under great tension and do a huge amount of work, they are subject to a high rate of wearing. As a result, every spring breaks at one point. When this happens, the door will be stuck in place or move extremely slowly with the opener. In any case, you should stop using it as soon as you notice the troubling signs and have us replace the broken spring. Our technician will come to you shortly and install a new component which is strong, reliable and durable. All of our spare parts are of top quality.

Sometimes, you cannot start the opener with the remote control and with the wall button as well. This is a serious problem since the door is very hard to operate manually. Count on us to resolve it in the quickest possible manner. Our technicians are experts in the most advanced openers from brands like LiftMaster and Genie as well as in the traditional devices with more basic features. The work begins with full inspection for identifying the cause of the problem. Then it is eliminated. Our garage door repair techniques have proven effectiveness and safety. Our equipment allows us to achieve maximum precision especially when handling more delicate opener components such as the moving gear and the circuit board. Expect the device to work smoothly after the job is done.

It is common for people not to realize how serious a particular issue may be. If you have lost your garage opener remote, there is a risk of someone using it to get into your house. Count on our emergency assistance. One of our specialists will bring a replacement clicker in the shortest possible time. He will program it for you as well. This is done to ensure that the security of the property is restored without any delay. At Garage Door Repair Beach Haven, we are always there for you when the need arises.

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