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Garage Door Springs
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The garage door springs are essential for lifting the door and keeping it balanced. Without them, this would be practically impossible even if you have a powerful opener. Learn more about the different types of springs and what happens with them eventually.

Torsion Spring Specs

Garage Door SpringsEach spring has three characteristics. These are length, diameter and wire size. Each one of them is important because it determines the lift. The lift is the measure showing how much weight the spring can handle. Components with greater lift are suitable for heavier doors and vice versa. Longer springs with larger diameter and higher wire size have bigger lift and this makes them suitable for bigger doors. Another essential spec is the cycle life. It shows how many cycles the spring is expected to perform breaking given its characteristics and make. The average is 10,000 cycles, but some parts can perform 20,000 before snapping.

Extension Spring Durability

These springs are smaller and usually less thick compared to their counterparts. They are used in pairs. They are installed above the horizontal tracks. Given their size and design, most extension springs have an estimated life of 5,000 cycles. Some can perform as many as 10,000 cycles. Since these springs stretch and contract to open the door, there is no friction between the coils and therefore no need for lubrication maintenance. While they are not prone to damage like rust, scratches and chips, these components can get stretched and deformed coils. When this happens, replacement is the best solution.

Replacing Broken Spring

Sooner or later, any spring is bound to break unless it’s replaced in advanced as a precaution. At the time of breaking, the force held inside the component is released, so there is a very loud bang. Then the door becomes stuck and the opener may shut off if it has a safety shutdown system. You must not use the door before the spring is replaced. This job involves removing the broken parts, mounting the new component and adjusting it.

Need spring repair or replacement? Count on us to do the job professionally in little time. At Garage Door Repair in Beach Haven, we service springs of all types and brands.

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